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We develop tax strategies for optimal savings and money in your pocket.

  • We take a proactive approach to tax planning and strategy.​

  • We account for all your variables to take the stress out of the process.

  • Unlike traditional CPAs, The Tax Saving Experts works with you throughout the year.​

  • We change with your business needs throughout the year that pay off big during tax season.


Tax Planning

Planning is the key to successfully and legally reducing your tax liability. We go beyond tax compliance and proactively recommend tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income.


Tax Preparation

Without a deep understanding of the various tax laws, it is easy to make a mistake when filing your taxes. Lindholm + Company will make sure your filed taxes are correct and compliant so you avoid an IRS audit down the road.


CFO Services

Lindholm + Company manages your cash and risks and can act as a part-time CFO. Our CFO service gives you a professional financial manager who works with you to guide your business to success.


Your local accountant could be costing you thousands in taxes.

Lindholm + Company is licensed in all 50 states and offers experienced tax and accounting services within reach of average businesses. Our team legally and aggressively reduces tax liability, develops advanced tax strategies, and creates wealth for small business owners. Additionally, we can work with you to pay the bills, send out and collect on invoices, manage cash flow and build long-term tax plans.

What if you stopped waiting till tax time — and started taking proactive action to reduce your taxes?

It's time to stop overpaying in taxes

...and access the secrets the 1% use to keep their money and build wealth.

The average business owner we speak with are missing out on $101,705 in tax deductions.

Nathan has been doing our taxes, business and personal, for 5+ years. Fee's are competitive and he provides more value than any of the prior CPA's I've worked with. He helps us with unique tax savings strategies throughout the year.


Chris S.

They revealed some loopholes in the taxing process, which was completely legal, and most importantly, helpful for me! They really are pros..


Max S.

Hi, I'm Nathan Lindholm, CPA

Meet Nathan Lindholm, also known as "The Tax Saving Expert." As a certified public accountant turned entrepreneur, Nathan is passionate about helping small business owners minimize their tax liabilities through proactive tax planning and strategy. His love for accounting began in high school, where he took his first accounting class, and he went on to earn a B.Sc. in Accounting and a minor in Economics from The Ohio State University.

Over the years, Nathan has gained extensive experience in different areas of accounting, including public accounting, governmental auditing for local governments in Ohio, corporate America with a Fortune 500 company, and small business. As a CPA, he began freelancing to help business owners in various industries with their accounting and taxes.

Today, Nathan and his team specialize in working with a range of industries, including construction, medical, realtors, franchises, investors, and service professionals. They offer exceptional service, expertise, and knowledge to help their clients keep more of their hard-earned cash while achieving their business objectives. Whether you're looking to optimize deductions or implement tax-reducing strategies, Nathan and his team are here to help.

Hi, I'm Nathan Lindholm, CPA

Nathan Lindholm, aka “The Tax Saving Expert", is a certified public accountant turned entrepreneur focused on helping small business owners lower their tax liability through proactive tax planning and strategy to keep more cash in their pockets. His love for accounting began in high school, when he took his first accounting class. He graduated from The Ohio State University with a B. Sc. in accounting and a minor in economics. Before founding Lindholm + Company, Nathan experienced every possible avenue of accounting, including public accounting, governmental auditing for local governments in Ohio, corporate America with a Fortune 500 company, and small business. Throughout that time, he became a CPA and began freelancing to help business owners in different industries with their accounting and taxes. After years of working for large accounting firms and at a Fortune 500 company, he returned to his first love, entrepreneurship, and opened his own firm. His goal has been to bring his experience, knowledge and expertise to clients in a valuable way. He's teamed up with some of the greatest minds in the legal, financial planning and accounting fields to bring his clients advanced tax strategies and planning. His clients benefit from time-tested, advanced strategies that most tax preparer's have never heard of. Today, he works with health and fitness business owners and entrepreneurs to solve problems through maximizing deductions and implementing tax-reducing strategies.

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